A Jolly Rogers Tale: Skull & Shackles

Here One Second, Gone the Next

Dragoneye Jim, Scruffy, Santiago, and Tangata stood on deck as the sun was rising looking out towards Port Peril, the pirate capitol of The Shackles, and by the afternoon were shaking hands good bye to each other as they headed their separate ways. Jim was on his way to meet someone who had a map of a lost cyclopian ruins. Scruffy was off looking to start a new career to follow in her father’s footsteps. While Santiago and Tangata were just out on the town looking to get drunk and have a good time wherever fate would take them.

As it turned out they all eventually ended up at a Tavern called the Formidably Maid. Through the night the four of them ate, drank, and enjoyed the entertainment of the night. Scruffy got up to head to the ladies room and was intercepted on her way back to the table with the guys by a dashing and flirtatious man. The two of them headed over to the bar to get some drinks and talked for an hour. Afterwards they decided to head to his place and were out the door, but after passing a second alleyway Scruffy was pulled in to the dark, beaten, and stuffed in a shack. Meanwhile the other three (Jim, Santiago, and Tangata) didn’t notice Scruffy’s absence as they were passed out drunk and snoozing like a baby.

The next thing any of them knew was the rocking of the sea…


As Scruffy is stuffed into the sack, she defiantly declared to the dashing man, “You’re supposed to wait until after you’ve seduced me, Dumbass!” He replied with another punch to the eye, knocking her into unconsciousness.

Here One Second, Gone the Next

Jim looks around and shrugs. ‘Hmmm. Well, I guess we’re pirates’

He seems to resign himself to not having two coppers to rub together. Perhaps it’ snot the first time he’s been in such a situation.

Here One Second, Gone the Next
Kevtor Kevtor

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