A Jolly Rogers Tale: Skull & Shackles


Three days out of Drenchport after unloading it’s cargo the Gozreh’s Harlot sailed onwards with a full hold and passengers bound for Port Peril. The voyage had thus far been uneventful with fair weather even though this close to the Eye of Abendengo until midway through the Straits of Balthus a storm started brewing around two bells of the Dog watch.

“Mr. Givens, break out the heavy weather canvas and be quick about it.”
“Aye, Captain. You heard him lads, get off your duffs and snap to.”
The Captain turned to his First Mate, “Ngata we should be coming up on Parley Point towards the end of your watch this evening. Keep an eye out for their light house as these shores are treacherous even on calm seas. I should be on deck by then though for the change of watch.”

During first watch around four bells at the height of the storm a lookout in the crows nest called out a sighting of the light house around Parley Point three points off the port bow. By the First Mate’s bearings Parley Point should of been a little further south from this point, but with the storm raging around the ship it was possible she’d miscalculated their position without seeing the stars. To local sailors that knew the area, the light house was on the tip of a peninsula south of the bay Parley Point was located in.

“Helmsman come to course one three zero,” Ngata called out after lookouts verified no land was in sight to their port.
“Aye, making my course one three zero,” the helmsman replied and after a few moments as the ship turned and steadied, “My course is now one three zero.”

You awaken when you are thrown from your sleep into the bulkhead as you hear a great grinding noise from the hull. With the moments it takes you to gather your whits the sea is rushing in to greet you. Struggling against the tremendous current you somehow manage to find your self outside the ship where you can hear the cries and screams of dieing sailors from the ship. With your last efforts before blacking out you manage to cling to some flotsam in these dark and stormy seas.


Kevtor Kevtor

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