A Jolly Rogers Tale: Skull & Shackles

The battle

Not sure I care for boarding. She said we were to swing across, secure the wheel and the boats. Didn’t mention that people would be trying to kill us, which seems like an important fact. I should probably write that down for next time.

So, got the hook over to the other ship at least. Then fell off my rope. Climbed about halfway up the ship, but then I fell in the water. You would think with a cleric of Besmara on board, we’d get normal sized sharks, but nope. Big as an ox, that thing was, and it took a piece out of my leg.

Climbed up the rope again after I learned how hard it was to cast a spell while swimming and being eaten, and Santiago was kind enough to start pulling up the rope, at least for a while. He disappeared, and I had to climb the rest myself, and I nearly slid into the water again, getting rope burns I didn’t need.

By this time I was in a pretty miserable mood, and I took it out on that Osiriani fellow lowering the boat over the side. Hope he was square with whatever gods he follows. Finally climbed up on the deck, and I guess that was it. Strange way to make a living.

Somewhere in the fog and killing, the big fella lost his hand. Hope he finds it, he seems nice.


Kevtor RKraus

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